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Dr Cheryl Lentz Speaker Part II


Dr. Cheryl Wows Zappos May 2019 in Las Vegas, NV.

Speaker “Sizzle Video”

Hire Dr. Cheryl to . . .

  • Kick off your conference with inspiration and style or close with audacity and boldness–give your audience something to ponder long after the event ends.
  • Present refractive thinking workshops for a new way to update your leadership training and focus with these additional modules.
  • Meet Peter the Plumber and learn to Fail Faster to Succeed Sooner.
  • Meet Henry and journey through the wonders of The Golden Palace.
  • Meet Isabella and learn that sometimes Leadership Comes Softly.

Please download my speaking brochure: Meet Cheryl Lentz

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Speaking Engagements:


  • 2013 MMVC13: WIZIQ Annual Live Conference (Aug 24-25, 2013): What if You Could Think Like Einstein? The WRIST Method
  • 2013 IBAM [Instit. of Behavioral & Applied Mngt] San Diego, Faculty Presenter w/ Dr. Julie Ducharme & Tamara Vander Lugt, October, 2-5, 2013; Creating Successful Online Courses with Emerging Technologies
    • First Place Award: Div IV: Management Education and Pedagogy
  • C013 Annual Live Online Conference (October 18th, 9 am Presentation); WIZIQ.com


  • Technology That Tutors: Presentation to Walden University Faculty, 2014 January Graduation 8-12.
  • Annual Live Online Conference (February 6, 2014), The WRIST Method, WIZIQ.Com
  • Spring Blog Festival (March 16):  Seminar: Technology That Tutors: Panel Discussion: Application of Blogs
  • International Conference: The Interdisciplinary Social Sciences Knowledge Community:  9th International Conference [University of British Columbia, 12, June]
    • Workshop Presentation, “Creating Successful Online Courses with Emerging Technologies: Learn How To Use Blogs, Videos, and Social Media in Your Classroom,”
  • Creating Synergy Through Emerging Technologies: Presentation to Walden University Faculty, 2014 July Graduation 10-13
  • Creating Synergy Through Emerging Technology: Poland: Wroclaw University of Technology,
    Foreign Languages Department and Department of Polish for Foreigners, September 15IMAG1545




  • University of New Mexico Mentoring Institute Conference: October 21-24
  • UNM






  • 2016, January 20, 2016 (12 pm EST): International Presentation for Laureate Education Inc: Pursuing Higher Education: The Connection Between Academia and the Business World https://goto.webcasts.com/starthere.jsp?ei=1086878
  •  2016, January 21, LEAD Program (1230 pm to 415 pm): Leadership Class: Raymond G. Murphy VA Medical Center.

Radio Host

    • The Refractive Thinker® Radio Show: Launched May 2014, Available at http://www.blogtalkradio.com
    • Regular guest: DayBreak with Angie.


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