The Five Pillars of Failure

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November 16 – Fear: We are NOT the failure!

Failure is not the outcome; failure is not the destination. Failure is not who we are. We hear we are the failure, that there is something wrong with who we are as a person. We often cannot face the music; we cannot face the pain. We avoid. We distance. We procrastinate. Learn to separate yourself the person, from yourself the skill you are trying to master.

November 23 – Accountability of Failure.

Identify the failure. Introduce yourself. Acknowledge it. Own it. Be accountable for it. Love yourself a bit more because of it. Smile. Breathe. Know you deserve everything life has to offer. Ask. Your heart knows. Your heart always knows. Silence the voices in your head and let your heart speak. Have the courage to take the first step. 

November 30 – Internal Attitude & Mindset

Follow the model of Napoleon Hill, as a man thinketh so he/she is. Get your attitude right, get your mindset right and your business (and heart!) will follow.

December 7 – Learning System: Fail Faster, Succeed Sooner

Practice. Repetition. Muscle building. Learn to see failure as a way of learning; build an effective learning system. We often learn ways that do not work first. These are simply solutions of how not to build a light bulb, still valuable on our journey to success. Create long-term habits. Rinse. Repeat.

December 14 – Surrender. Letting Go: The Dorothy Perspective

Perhaps the most important of all skills, practice surrendering. When things we don’t expect or don’t want to happen, we are often told to simply let go and move on. No one teaches us how to let go. Let me be the first to offer important techniques here to learn such a skill. Learn to give up control—often the exact opposite of what we want to do. We need to trust ourselves and learn to be in flow. Surrender. It’s easier than you think.

*BONUS* December 21 – Conclusion: Take Action. Shift. Reinvention. Empowerment.

Nothing in our world changes until we do. We cannot control how others show up in the world. We can only control how we show up, day after day, week after week, year after year. You must take action, now. You must intentionally and purposefully choose a new way forward. Embrace the gifts of failure and the power to reinvent, empower, and shift to a better place; often more success than you could ever imagine. Come join us allow our own yellow brick road. You’ve got this. Come join the tribe. We’re waiting for you.

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