Radio Interviews:

July 12, 2019: Tom Antion

153 – Academia meets Entrepreneurship: Tom interviews Cheryl Lentz

2018: Jan 2, 2018: Clarissa Burt








Take the Lead with Dr. Diane Hamilton 3/13/2017 with Dr. Diane 03 1303/13/dr-diane-hamilton-31317/


Smashing The Plateau, 2/18/2015 at 1 pm MST.

DayBreak USA with Angie Austin 1/21/2015; regular guest every two weeks on Monday mornings (4/2015- present).

December 19, 2017: Special edition: The Refractive Thinker debuts Vol XIII: Entrepreneurship: Growing the Future of Business.

January 17, 2018: Resistance


Print Articles:

In the Limelight Magazine – Intelligent Media for the Savvy Entrepreneur! 
Check out Dr. C’s Contribution on pp. 50-51.






In the Limelight Magazine – Intelligent Media for the Savvy Entrepreneur! 

September 3, 2019





December 3, 2019





RHG Magazine  April 16, 2018






World Wide Women: 04/03/2018 Business Spotlight  

World Wide Women Listing: The Lentz Leadership Institute LLC

LinkedIN: 8/8/2018 Charitable Donations Rose in 2016, will this continue with the new tax code in 2018?

LinkedIN: 01/15/2018 How Dr. Cheryl Lentz Came up with a Break Through Publishing Model

LinkedIN: 05 19 2017 Small Business Owner or Entrepreneur?

Linked in: 03 09 2016 Defense Sector Strategies

Spring 2015 (April 4) Edition: Featured Article: FrontBurnerMama Article by Kevin Harrington

One Often-Neglected Source Of Brilliant Business Ideas – Proving Academia’s Relevance In The Entrepreneurial World

Forbes 2014 Article July Kevin Harrington

Forbes com Article

Huffington Post Article 09/2014 by Jared Kleinert Post 09 2014




09 2014 Huffington Post Jared Kleinert

LinkedIn Article 7/7/2016 CYBERSECURITY: Technology Challenges: Living in an Insecure World

LinkedIn Article 2/3/2016: Women in Leadership

LinkedIn Article 07 03 2015; Has Email Outlived Its Usefulness? Harvard Business Review Thinks So!

LinkedIn Article 04/29/2015 What is the Lack of Leadership Costing Your Business?

LinkedIn Article 2/25/2015  Are you Productive or Just Busy?

LinkedIn Article 2-8-2015 The Pain of Publishing

LinkedIn Article: The Opportunity Cost of Not Publishing: What is Holding You Back? 

LinkedIn Article: Publishing in Academia: Who Owns Your Copyright?

LinkedIn in Article: Writing Tips: How to Edit your Masterpiece

Linked in Article: Academic Rigor or Rigor Mortis?

Laureate International: Global Entreprenuership Week November 2014
The recording is now live on the Walden University website:

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